contracting and manufacturing  companies must balance the functional and economic needs of our customers with the future demands on the natural resources that make our business run. As such, we are committed to delivering innovative packaging and coatings solutions that bear in mind both our own environmental responsibilities and those of our customers. Through continued collaboration with all of our stakeholders – customers, industry partners and suppliers –  we continually strive to enhance our sustainability performance by:

  • Minimizing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes;
  • Identifying opportunities to use more efficient raw materials in our products, including recycled material that prolongs the functionality of those materials;
  • Providing our customers with innovative solutions that meet their performance requirements and help them meet or exceed their sustainability goals;
  • Introducing new processes designed to eliminate waste from our manufacturing process to our customer’s application and ultimately the consumer’s use;
  • Encouraging post-use recycling ;
  • Supporting local initiatives across our international coatings and packaging facilities;
  • Providing training opportunities to Horizon employees to enhance our sustainability efforts; and
  • Regularly monitoring our performance for opportunities to improve our environmental footprint.

Horizon is fully committed to complying with all applicable local, national and international standards that regulate our operations wherever we do business, including our environmental performance.

As global citizens, we have a responsibility to provide value-driven solutions to our customers while preserving our world’s resources. Through continued collaboration with our stakeholders – customers, industry partners and suppliers – we strive to enhance our sustainability performance through:

  • Using more sustainable raw materials such as customer-engineered films containing post-consumer resin content or unique film structures containing eco-friendly resins (eg. GreenPE) or shipping sacks constructed from Sustainable Forestry Initiative-Certified papers.
  • Reducing product spoilage use through proprietary film structures, custom coatings or unique perforation patterns on fresh food packaging to extend the shelf life.
  • New processes and tools to eliminate waste from the entire value stream.